Domestic assault intimidating witness massachusetts

05-Jan-2018 07:14

You can also be found guilty of assault and battery if you did not intend to touch them, but did so "recklessly" and the person was injured as a result. A lit cigarette can be a dangerous weapon.209A Orders and Violation of a 209A Abuse Prevention Order ("Restraining Order") (Mass. Massachusetts judges issue 209A abuse prevention orders after two hearings. An example of a "reckless assault and battery" is wildly swing your arms while you are near another person. The added element is that a person must "touch" another with an item or object used in a dangerous fashion, or that is in itself a "dangerous weapon," like a knife or a gun. The first hearing is "ex parte." This means that the person asking for protection appears alone and without notice to the other person.

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Note: If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts defines domestic violence as almost any criminal act of abuse committed by one "family or household member" against another.State law also requires mandatory arrest for violations of restraining orders. If charges are filed, only the prosecutor has the authority to drop them.A judge must approve the prosecutor's request to dismiss a case.There are two reasons that identity can be a legal issue even in cases where most people would consider it fairly easy to prove.

Fist, the constitution and rules of evidence limit the kinds of procedures police can use to identify someone, and what can be said in court.A true witness intimidation case is one where the defendant tells someone who knows something about a criminal offense that something bad is going to happen to them if they testify.