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As Google explains, Fiber sits atop not only the speed ladder, but the stability and quality ladder, because it doesn’t charge for peering.

Peering is the process by which services can hook their networks directly up to Google’s, which reduces congestion; since services don’t have to pay for it, they’re obviously more likely to hop aboard.

This means that, when you load up that episode of , the content begins its journey where your internet comes from rather than making a trip to your internet’s facility before moving on to your house.

So, since Netflix’s servers are closer to Google Fiber customers, Netflix’s content should not only travel to them faster, but at a better quality.

For the kids in Tehran’s underground rock scene, the dream was simple: party, make music, and escape to New York, where the life they wanted was legal.

By 2011 three bands—the Yellow Dogs, Hypernova, and the Free Keys—had found their way to Brooklyn.

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While a snapshot of a service’s speed-per-price is a quick way to summarize how frustrated or happy you are on a daily basis, speed isn’t the only thing that goes into providing an acceptable internet service — stability and quality play huge roles as well.

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