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I am not kidding about this they were to drool and die for." And they are, quite literally, rats, turned into handsome humans with the help of a magic ring that grants the wish of the person wearing it in this case Doris, the owner of an antique store for which Marci and Summer work part-time.Bribing the rat boys with food, the girls teach them to talk and dance in an attempt to pass them off as real guys at the town's annual spring dance and to show up their nemesis, a popular, picture-perfect classmate. Gr 5-8-Eberhardt has created several teen movies and it shows in his first book's clich‚d characters, overblown plot, and predictable conclusion.

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I forgot to mention the swords are more brutal like they should be!!!! A down to earth teenage sex comedy the likes of Porkies but with highschoolers at a Ski Resort.

Deep in the recesses of World War 2, somehow a Major in German intelligence is sooooo appalled by the senseless killing of a hooker that he does a full investigation to bring the killer to justice.

Genocide is cool in his book but don't take the life of a prostitute!!!

Coincidentally, Marci has angered Summer by bragging to Jennifer Martin, their arch rival, that they have dates to the big Spring Fling dance that night when they don't. Doris uses the ring not only to transmutate herself into a popular "daytime drama star," but also changes the rats, … la Cinderella's godmother, into hot-looking guys for her young friends.

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The Spring Fling is turned into chaos, Jennifer is upstaged, and Marci learns that ordinary girls can handle the weirdness of life better than someone so pampered. Written to imitate, rather than approximate, teenspeak, the book's frequent misuse of "like" and "this" may even irritate the preteen girls most likely to read it.

Langer’s mind-body research indicates that just as social cues can make us feel old, other social cues can make us feel and act young.

His name is Don and he speaks English with a painfully adorable mottled Cambodian-Australian accent.… continue reading »

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